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new website is up!

... And honestly has been for a while. I still need to mess with fanfiction and enter all the summaries as well as tweak other things. (Fic was mass uploaded along with everything else except for wallpapers.) However, the icon section of the site is completely done.

It is very pretty, as you can see! Take a look! I did all the graphics work, but my husband did the actual backend and css/html5 work. It is not compatible with IE, but works great in Chrome. I mean, why would you ever use IE for anything else but downloading another browser? :p

If you find any errors or bugs, please let me know! :)
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On March 26/27, my entire website will go down. All image links will be broken, as I will be moving to a new service and have a completely different database system.

This is temporary.

I can't say exactly when everything will be back up, but it will go back up. I will be manually correcting links (only adding /icons or something of that sort), starting with the newest posts. Very, very old icon posts will probably always have broken links - I'm only uploading the last several years, since those really old ones aren't that good anyway. My husband is making my new website, and when complete it will be very shiny! ;)
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likethegun_lims round 9

I finally gave the community up for adoption, and the new moderators are doing another round! I'm signing up, although I'm really far behind in terms of watching Supernatural. :p But hey, it's iconmaking, and I think the new mods are going to do an awesome job. It will be fun. :D So go and please join!

sign-up post
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request post

I was actually planning on opening a request post when obanova hit 100 members, but I actually put it off so there's 108 of you now! :p So, I present:

(belated) request post!

Fandoms I'm familiar with and have caps for: X-Men films, Supernatural, Fringe, Star Wars. If you want something else, providing caps would be appreciated, though I'll make an effort to find some if need be. :D I make no guarantees about how fast I get things done, but it will get done. Eventually. I will reply to your comment with whatever I come up with. :)
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26 x-men: first class and x1-x3 icons (charles xavier for round fourteen at 20inspirations)

As soon as I saw the theme for this round, I knew I had to do Charles Xavier. We see him in four films which, for the most part, cover his entire life. (I know that First Class doesn't quite match up canon-wise with X1-X3, but hey, isn't that traditional in comics?) The first ten are First Class because I felt like that movie focused on his character the most. In the others, his role is mostly to use Cerebro, for good or ill, and the icons kind of reflect that. I also tried to cover, to some extent, how his life revolved around his relationship with others (Raven and Magneto, primarily, but also Jean Grey, who ultimately takes his life). The last icon was my attempt at thinking about Charles' death – that it happens and that it's implied in X3 that he jumped into another body when his own was destroyed. I used the image of a young Charles laughing to show that he really doesn't die – that he's reborn (both by First Class existing and whirling into a large fandom, and jumping into another body). Hopefully that makes some kind of sense. :p Thus concludes my longest explanation ever for icons!

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21 star wars icons (+ 8 headers)

Just a set of SW icons, most made for swell (starwars_lims), which has progressed far enough in the round for me to drop out. I also included larger versions of some of the icons, since I did most of the work at a larger size. :)

Also, my monitor died on me and I have a new one (actually an extra from my sister's old computer), so everything looks funky to me now. Let me know if things are colored oddly/too bright. :p

Lastly, Merry Christmas!

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x-men - both

5 spn icons, 5 x-men:first class, 6 star wars (+accompanying picspams)

These are the picspams I made for landofart's Last Picspam Standing competition, which was quite a challenge since I'd never made a picspam before! I'm still in the game, but they're not having a challenge until Christmas was over, so I thought I'd post what I have and the icons I made from the picspams. :)

Somewhat image heavy.

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